Peru Highlands | ORGANIC single origin

This premium coffee grows on the Tropical Mountain Farm in the Chanchamayo Valley in the Peruvian Andes. At altitudes of 1,800m there is a mild climate, where the coffee can develop its aroma particularly well. The interaction of light acidity and the subtle smoky note gives the Hanseatic Coffee Peru Highland its unmistakable character.

Project idea: Tropical Mountain is a Peruvian-Swiss family business. It was only established in 2010. Since then, around 5 hectares of rainforest have been prepared for coffee cultivation every year. This means that the large rainforest trees remain standing, the undergrowth is cleared and coffee plants replace the undergrowth. About 15 minutes' walk from the farm building is the village of Buena Vista (nice view) in this small village, which is about 2 hours' drive from the nearest larger town at an altitude of 1250m, about 130 people live, of which about 30 school children. These 30 children from grades 1-6 share a single classroom and teacher. Together with other coffee roasters, we finance another classroom.

Direct support: Due to the comparatively high price that we are happy to pay for the first-class green coffee, we not only support the construction of another classroom, but above all the coffee pickers and their families. We know the living conditions of the founding family. She lives with the pickers under one roof in a really modest dwelling. It is more important to them than having their own house or car that their employees and their families are doing well and that they can make ends meet in the long term. The aim is that the best employees, with whom a very familiar atmosphere is cultivated, are employed all year round. One's own prosperity is put on the back burner. Important investments such as road construction and further expansion of the processing plant are necessary for many years to come.

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Organic Coffee
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