ORGANIC Espresso Sumatra

The endangered orangutan lives in northwestern Sumatra. Steep crater slopes and the tropical rainforest offer it the best living conditions. Our coffee also grows here, on fertile soil and in harmony with the environment - taste the secret of the jungle.

The Arabica bean from Sumatra is the basis for this organic espresso. It inspires with a warm and full aroma. No wonder it is coveted and popular in the coffee world.

The history of coffee on the Indonesian islands was in part fateful and checkered. In the 17th century, the Dutch planted the first delicate Arabica trees. A devastating coffee rust destroyed almost all plants in the mid-19th century. A fresh start brought more happiness. The coffee farmers learned from their history. They grow their plants in mixed cultures so diseases don't stand a chance.

Bio Espresso Sumatra: Espresso made from the purest Arabica beans

The healthy environment between cinnamon trees and vanilla plants offers the Arabica bean first-class conditions. They can mature in peace with natural shade, volcanic soil and sufficient water. This is noticeable in the overall impression. The organic espresso from Sumatra convinces with a medium body and has a pleasantly soft and round aftertaste. It tastes great in the morning and during the afternoon break. Since it is low in acid , it is suitable for sensitive minds.

Organic Sumatra Espresso: Unique aroma 

The mineral-rich and fertile soils in the Gayo Highland are responsible for the high quality and the unique aroma. Likewise, the balanced climate and regular rainfall. Best conditions for exclusive taste. Gourmets from all over the world appreciate the organic espresso from Sumatra. Have you tried it yet?

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Coffee Bean Type:
Organic Coffee
Countries of Origin:
Aromatic spice, earthy notes
Single Origin
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Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee
Rather strong
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