ORGANIC Espresso Honduras

Honduras is becoming a popular holiday destination. It not only offers palm trees, islands and Caribbean beaches, but also excellent Arabica qualities that are well known in gourmet circles. Our tip: Don't just enjoy this espresso under the palm trees!

A slight fullness, medium spice and a fine acidity. The organic espresso from Honduras offers not only a fine note of cocoa but also a wonderful, delicately sweet scent of caramel. It is known as a specialty among coffee specialties.

Espresso from Honduras - for a very special pleasure

The Marcala region is in southern Honduras . With its subtropical climate and a cultivation altitude of 1,450 to 1,550m, it is known in gourmet circles for the best Arabica qualities. The wet processing and careful manual work confirm the excellent quality. Whether as an invigorating starter drink in the morning or as a short break in between. The organic espresso from Honduras is a real pleasure at any time of the day.

Espresso from Honduras - organic in perfection

The coffee farmers mainly harvest the coffee cherries by hand . They prepare them wet and then send the cherries through the pulper. This carefully separates the pulp from the coffee beans.

You can be sure that the coffee farmers produce their coffee under ecological conditions. In addition to the wonderful taste, there is also a good feeling when enjoying the coffee. And ultimately also for the coffee farmers, who can work in a fair working environment.

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Coffee Bean Type:
Organic Coffee
Countries of Origin:
Hazelnut, Cacao Nibs, Light Spicy
Single Origin
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Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee
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