ORGANIC espresso Bolivia

Attention explorers! In the important ruins of Tiwanaku in western Bolivia, only about 1% of the old city has been uncovered. Our coffee is grown nearby, with an incredible variety of aromas. Discover much more than the archaeologists, namely 100% coffee enjoyment.

Mild in aroma, chocolaty and medium-spice - the organic espresso from Bolivia is a special feature among the espresso specialties. The ecological cultivation conditions ensure a good feeling when enjoying this invigorating drink.

Espresso from Bolivia - for a special treat

Whether as an activating starter drink in the morning or for more energy in between. The organic espresso from Bolivia is a real pleasure at any time of the day. The drink develops a mild aroma with little acidity and medium spiciness.

The "Villa Oriente" in Bolivia produces this tasty espresso . Well-balanced, pure in taste and low in acid, even sensitive coffee lovers can tolerate it. The fine aroma of the invigorating drink beguiles with chocolatey nuances. It goes particularly well with a piece of delicious cake, making the espresso a classic afternoon drink.

Villa Oriente - organic espresso from organic farming

More than 100 coffee-producing families founded the Villa Oriente cooperation in Bolivia in 1997. They produce this high-quality espresso with passion and great expertise.

Anyone who enjoys espresso specialties from Villa Oriente supports sustainable management. The farmers carry out all processes of coffee preparation with consistently high quality . Everyone involved pays attention to this and thus ensures the perfect taste of the organic espresso.

The coffee farmers have opted for organic cultivation of the beans. This means that they do not use pesticides, among other things, and thus protect the environment. Last but not least, the consumer of this organic espresso also supports the living conditions of the manufacturing families involved. Espresso from Bolivia - enjoy delicious with a good feeling!

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  • Fully Automatic Machines Coffee
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Coffee Bean Type:
Organic Coffee
Countries of Origin:
Delicate spice, caramel, red berries
Single Origin
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee
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