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Surprising ingredient in the new Starbucks Oleato drink

Surprising ingredient in the new Starbucks Oleato drink

Starbucks announced a new line of coffee drinks. They call it Starbucks Oleato. The beverages combine coffee with an unusual ingredient: extra virgin olive oil.  Starbucks' latest innovations. But what is the Oleato?  Starbucks Oleato combines coffee with a dash of cold-pressed olive oil. The recipe reflects a tradition rooted in...


Coffee-flavored Christmas traditions around the world

Get ready for an exciting journey through coffee-flavored Christmas traditions around the world. In this article, we will take a tour among some of the countries that, during the holiday season, are distinguished by the most curious customs dedicated, precisely, to coffee. Christmas traditions around the world: Sweden In Sweden, Christmas is a...


Number of coffee shops almost doubled in the past five years in Netherlands

Number of coffee shops almost doubled in the past five years in Netherlands The number of specialized coffee shops in the Netherlands has almost doubled since 2017. The number of lunchrooms also increased. This is evident from an analysis by ANP/LocalFocus based on figures from catering database Datlinq. In July, there were more than 3,900 lunchrooms...



The power of a morning ritual is greater than you might think. A good start ensures relaxation as well as productivity. So you can start your work with the right focus. The ideal morning ritual will vary from person to person. Below are some tips and ideas for inspiration. Try different things and find out what suits you best. Wake up without your...


Recycling coffee grounds: here's how to clean the chimney

The winter landscape glimpsed through the window, family and friends gathered under one roof, a set table and a lit fireplace. What could be nicer? The least exciting moment comes at the end of the day, however, when friends leave, the fireplace goes out and it's our turn to clean it up. There is an easy, quick and very inexpensive way to do this...


Refrigerator or no refrigerator? False myths and truths about coffee storage

When we open a new packet of coffee, even before we see the dark, compact powder, we are hit by an unmistakable aroma that permeates our nostrils: strong, intense, full-bodied, assertive, and persistent. Especially when it's hot, when you don't finish it very quickly, and if you store it the wrong way, coffee loses its aroma-or worse, it ends up...


São Paulo Coffee Museum: discovering the history of coffee in Brazil

In the historic center of the municipality of Santos, in the state of São Paulo, is the Palácio da Bolsa Oficial do café or Coffee Museum. Originally established in a small rented room in the city center, it was first moved to the palace, then abandoned and, following a restoration, reopened in 1998 as the Coffee Museum. The new building in which the...


Coffee in Vienna: the historic coffee shops

There are many reasons to visit Vienna, but one of them definitely includes coffee. The city, in fact, is full of historic coffee shops that, together with pastry shops, are true institutions. Precisely because of its very old tradition, drinking coffee in Vienna is a very special experience, almost like plunging into another era. And for those...


Tips for coffee at the campsite

Tips for coffee at the campsite Need coffee while camping? Nothing beats waking up in nature to enjoy the cool breeze, the sounds of chirping birds, and the fresh air. However, crawling out of a warm sleeping bag can seem daunting for many people. Fortunately, there's one effective way to warm up: a steaming mug of coffee. Many people think it is...


How coffee is drunk in France

Are you about to plan a trip to France, and are you already imagining yourself at a coffee shop table sipping a good espresso? Actually, all countries have a different way of making coffee, so it's only fair that you know that in Paris, for example, you will rarely be able to find espresso as we know it in Italy. That doesn't mean you don't have...

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