Espresso Impossible

THE IMPOSSIBLE ESPRESSO. We make the impossible possible and turn the coffee world upside down with the Espresso Impossible. 100% Robusta from Brazil ensures a good swing in the espresso cup and offers a unique Robusta experience.

What is special about the Espresso Impossible?

The Robusta beans "Conillon Robusta Tropical" for our Espresso Impossibile come from Brazil near Espiritu Santo, not far from the Vittoria shipping port and are the great result of a unique project. A professor - el professore - has the vision that he can support, promote and provide coffee know-how to small farmers on site in Brazil through his coffee knowledge. His goal: the farmers should benefit directly. He is committed to ensuring that they can achieve significantly more for their Robusta beans. The secret? Quality. The plan works and we find: This is a project exactly to our liking. 

100% Robusta espresso pleasure for the adventurous

The Espresso Impossible is absolutely exciting in the cup. With the first sip it is clear: This is something unique. You can taste the Robusta - but paired with surprising aromas. A complexity rarely seen in Robusta beans. We recognize fruit and nut notes. Coffee experts even speak of passion fruit nuances. The Impossibile offers a unique crema. The Espresso Impossibile is not for the faint of heart, because with 100% Robusta beans it has temperament. And yet it is tamed by our careful roasting. You simply have to try the Espresso Impossible.

We want to awaken a thirst for adventure and a spirit of discovery and convince coffee lovers that the impossible is sometimes possible.

Preparation Suggestions

  • Espresso
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Preparation Mode:
  • Fully Automatic Machines Coffee
  • Espresso Machines Coffee
Coffee Bean Type:
Countries of Origin:
Hazelnut, Tropical Fruits
Single Origin
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee
Rather strong
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