DINZLER Espresso Modena

The DINZLER Espresso Modena is a strong, low-acid espresso with a slightly sweet note, whose aroma is particularly effective in the portafilter and in the fully automatic machine. The best coffees from well-known coffee-growing countries are combined in this espresso: Mild Arabica from Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala is mixed with the fine, spicy Robusta coffee beans from India and Indonesia. He convinces with a strong, full-body and a subtle earthy, and at the same time slightly sweet note. A dense, low-acid taste and caramel and almond notes make this spirited espresso a special coffee treat. Like all varieties of the DINZLER coffee roastery, the Modena espresso is also refined using the long-term drum roasting process.

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  • Chocolate-Like and Nutty


Preparation Mode:
  • Espresso Machines Coffee
Coffee Bean Type:
Country of Manufacture:
Countries of Origin:
Brazil, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Colombia
Earthy, nutty, low in acid
Single Origin
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean/Ground Coffee
Caffeinated Coffee
Rather strong
Very Little


Chocolate-Like and Nutty:

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Arabica from Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala matched with Robusta from India and Indonesia. Due to our long-term roasting, it develops a strong aroma.

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    Espresso MachineCoffee can be used with espresso machines


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