Wiener Melange

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Wiener Melange

The Wiener Melange is a somewhat lesser-known coffee but a very luxurious one. 

Coffee from Vienna!

The origin of the Wiener Melange is not very surprising: this coffee comes from Vienna. They served this Austrian recipe first in Viennese coffee houses. They call it a blend. 

Specialty coffee

A real Wiener Melange contains coffee, chocolate, egg yolk, and whipped cream. The egg yolk is usually missing these days. But even without that egg, a Wiener Melange is highly recommended. It is a creamy, sweet coffee to which some add a dash of cognac or honey. This Wiener Melange is a unique mixture of hot and cold, sweet and bitter. An exceptional coffee!

How do you make the Wiener Melange?

You make the original Wiener Melange as follows:

• Mix 150 ml black coffee (or espresso) with 70 ml milk and heat it up. Make sure it doesn't boil!

• Mix 1 egg yolk with 1 teaspoon brown caster sugar and stir well

• While continuing to stir, pour the coffee-milk mixture into the egg-sugar mixture

• Finish the coffee with 50 ml whipped cream (whipped yourself if possible, of course)

• Finally, sprinkle some bitter or extra dark chocolate grater over the whipped cream and serve with a long spoon

Raw egg in the coffee? Then pay attention!

As mentioned, adding an egg is not necessary; the coffee is creamy enough on its own. But if you do, make sure you only use fresh eggs. In that case, the Wiener Melange is not recommended for children, pregnant women, and people with reduced resistance due to the use of a raw egg.

Half-height glass

It is best not to serve a Wiener Melange in a coffee cup but in a half-high glass. Because the coffee is heated with the milk and starts to froth, you get beautiful shades of color when pouring. You can see that clearly in a glass, making serving and drinking even more fun!

Wiener Melange, or cappuccino?

Do you find the cappuccino suspiciously similar to the Wiener Melange? Then that may be true. It is generally assumed that the cappuccino is a variant of the Wiener Kapuziner Kaffee, which consists of coffee with cream and sugar. 

Wiener Melange from the coffee machine

You can also get a Wiener Melange from a professional coffee machine. These machines have a more comprehensive range of coffees, such as the Cadenza Touch. This is a bean coffee machine, so you can be sure you can drink the best coffee! The automatic Wiener naturally contains no egg yolk or real whipped cream. Yet this coffee is also delicious. The whipped cream is replaced by a creamy, sweet topping, which ensures a wonderfully whole, luxurious coffee. 


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