Iced Lavender Latte Recipe with Oat Milk and Honey - A Soothing Summer Drink

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November 15, 2023
Iced Lavender Latte Recipe with Oat Milk and Honey - A Soothing Summer Drink

What is a Lavender latte? 

 If you're a coffee lover who's looking to spice up your daily latte routine, then a lavender latte might just be the perfect drink for you. A lavender latte is a refreshing and aromatic twist on the classic latte, infused with the floral flavor of lavender syrup. Typically made with a combination of espresso, milk, and lavender syrup, this delightful coffee drink can be enjoyed hot or iced, making it a versatile option for any time of day.

The process involves brewing a strong coffee, whisking the lavender syrup into steamed milk, and combining the two to create a beautifully fragrant and flavorful beverage. Whether you're frothing milk with a milk frother or using an espresso machine, the end result is a delightful treat that's sure to elevate your morning coffee routine. So, if you're ready to indulge in a homemade lavender latte, then gather your ingredients and get ready to savor every sip of this delightful floral-infused coffee creation.

Origin of Lavender latte

The origins of the lavender latte can be traced back to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, particularly in cities like Seattle and Portland. The use of culinary lavender in beverages became popular as a way to infuse a unique and floral flavor into traditional coffee drinks. This trend quickly spread to other coffee shops across the country, as consumers embraced the aromatic and soothing qualities of lavender combined with the rich and creamy texture of a latte. The combination of espresso, steamed milk, and a hint of lavender syrup creates a refreshing and distinctive beverage that has become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts. The lavender latte can be enjoyed hot or iced, and its popularity has even led to variations like the lavender matcha latte. With its origins in the coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest, the lavender latte has now become a beloved drink enjoyed in coffee shops worldwide.

Nutrition in Honey lavender latte

The honey lavender latte is a delicious and nutritious beverage that offers a unique blend of flavors and health benefits. The honey provides a natural sweetness, while the lavender adds a calming and soothing element to the drink. Additionally, the latte itself typically contains milk, which contributes to the beverage's calcium and protein content. This combination of ingredients makes for a well-rounded drink that can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet. The caffeine in the latte can provide a gentle energy boost, while the antioxidants in the honey and lavender offer potential immune-boosting properties. Overall, the honey lavender latte can be a good addition to a diet, providing essential nutrients and potential health benefits while also satisfying the taste buds. However, it's important to note that like any beverage, moderation is key, and it's best to pair it with other nutritious foods and drinks for a well-rounded approach to nutrition. 

Ingredients for Lavender latte

To make a lavender latte at home, you'll need a few key ingredients including lavender simple syrup, dried lavender or lavender buds, honey or sugar, vanilla extract, milk (oat, almond, or whole milk), and strong coffee or espresso. 

How to make Lavender latte recipe

To make a delicious Lavender Latte, start by making your own homemade lavender syrup. In a saucepan, combine water and culinary lavender. Let it simmer for a few minutes until the mixture has infused the lavender flavor. Then strain out the lavender flowers and let the syrup cool. Add honey or sugar to it.

Next, brew your favorite coffee using either an espresso maker or a French press. In a mason jar, combine the lavender syrup, vanilla extract, and your choice of milk - whether it's oat milk, almond milk, or cow's milk. Shake the jar until the ingredients are well-mixed and frothy. If you prefer an iced lavender latte, pour the mixture over ice. If you'd rather have a hot lavender latte, heat up the milk before adding it to the coffee. Finally, pour the coffee over the milk and enjoy your homemade Honey Lavender Latte. This easy lavender latte recipe allows you to customize the kind of milk you use and the sweetness of the honey lavender syrup, giving you the perfect lavender latte every time. 

FAQ about Lavender Latte

1. Where can I find lavender syrup for making a Honey Lavender Latte?

You can find lavender syrup at specialty grocery stores, coffee shops, or online retailers. Alternatively, you can also make your own lavender syrup by infusing simple syrup with culinary lavender at home.

2. Can a Honey Lavender Latte be served over ice?

Yes, you can enjoy the refreshing twist of an iced honey lavender latte by simply adding ice to the prepared drink. The soothing floral and sweet flavors are just as delightful when served cold.

3. Are there any variations of the Honey Lavender Latte recipe?

There are various ways to customize the Honey Lavender Latte recipe to suit your taste. Whether you prefer reader interactions to learn from different experiences, or want to try a lavender oat milk latte, this delicious drink can be made in multiple ways. Some variations include straining the syrup for a smoother texture, using a french press to make the lavender syrup, or opting for soy milk or any type of milk you prefer. You can also choose to make it with hot coffee instead of espresso to milk, or even serve it as a cold lavender latte by pouring the milk over a glass with ice. With this easy recipe, the honey lavender latte can become your new love. 


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