Coffee drink: Espresso Freddo Shakerato

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Coffee drink: Espresso Freddo Shakerato

This recipe is a refreshing espresso drink prepared in a shaker. Because the espresso is shaken with the liquid sugar and the ice cubes it gets a really creamy texture.  It can be prepared easily and quickly. It is very good on summer days or when you want a refreshing drink with caffeine. Enjoy it with some cake or biscuits. 


  • two espresso shots
  • 2 tsp liquid sugar (10 ml)
  • some ice cubes

How to make an Espresso Freddo Shakerato?

1. Chill the glass.

2. Prepare two espressos in a cup.

3. Put the ice cubes and the liquid sugar into the Boston shaker, then add the two shots of the espresso as the last ingredient. 

4. Shake vigorously and pour into the chilled glass. 

5.  Filter the ice with a strainer. Enjoy!


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