Freshly ground coffee should be used within 12 weeks, otherwise, the aroma will be lost and the taste will be noticeably affected. To prevent this from happening, a practical coffee can is recommended.

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Functionality and appearance in one

Not only is it better to store beans and grounds in matching coffee cans, but it also looks better and neater. By storing your coffee in a can, you can get your coffee and dose it faster without having to scoop it out of the plastic packaging.

What makes a good coffee can

  • Once you open the pod, i.e. air enters the beans and they lose their aroma. Therefore, a good coffee can should definitely be airtight.
  • Jars or vacuum jars with rubber seals are best because they won't let air or moisture in.
  • Plastic should be avoided if possible. Coffee beans are very delicate and lose their aroma after brief exposure to the air, so they should not be stored in plastic containers. The inherent smell of plastic can stain coffee beans and affect the taste.
  • Therefore, materials such as metal, porcelain, or ceramics are more suitable. Tip: Mason jars with rubber seals are also great for storing coffee.

Practical coffee cans for storing coffee

Once the coffee is gone, coffee cans have many uses at home. They can be used for everything from gift-giving to storage. So, don't throw them away. By finding new uses for your empty coffee cans, you can reduce waste and save money at the same time!

There are two types of coffee cans: aluminum cans and plastic containers. For the most part, either style will work for any of these projects, although you need to keep in mind that metal cans can rust if exposed to water.