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Its production area is the Blue Mountains area of Jamaica, a magnificent mountain range that rises over 2,500 meters above sea level. The high altitude, the mistiness of the area, but at the same time the low level of annual rainfall, lead to slowing down the maturation of the coffee. In this region, it can take more than ten months to complete (imagine that in other areas it does not take more than 4-5 months). The longer maturation process produces larger grains, and above all with greater aromatic complexity and concentration of flavors.

However, nature must be helped, and no doubt this coffee would not be so famous without the role of the Jamaican government, which regulates the production and distribution of coffee. For example, only coffee grown between an altitude of 1000-2000 meters above sea level can bear the name of Jamaica Blue Mountain. If the plants grow between 500-1000 meters above sea level. the coffee should instead be marketed as Jamaica High Mountain Coffee. Furthermore, the coffee harvested below 500 meters above sea level will have the name Jamaica Low Mountain or Jamaica Supreme Coffee.

In addition to these rules on altitude, also the geographical parameters ensure the quality of the coffee: only the plots with the correct exposure to the sun and with the correct composition of the terroir will be able to honor the coffee produced by them with the title of Jamaica Blue Mountain, a bit like our DOCs for wine.

For this evaluation, the coffee was extracted into espresso at 94 ° with an extraction of 25 ml in 27 seconds. The degassing of the coffee was 48 hours. The cream is hazelnut in color with beautiful nuances, but very light. The aromas are delicate, with notes of tobacco and vanilla. To the taste, the coffee is decidedly not full-bodied, with a marked but not intrusive acidity and a decidedly light bitterness.

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  • Chocolate-Like and Nutty
  • Sweet


Preparation Mode:
  • Espresso Machines Coffee
Coffee Bean Type:
Arabica - Robusta
Organic Coffee
Country of Manufacture:
Countries of Origin:
Single Origin
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean/Ground Coffee
Caffeinated Coffee
Roast Level:
Rather strong


Chocolate-Like and Nutty:

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High altitude, as we know, is the realm of quality coffees. The temperature range between day and night tends to enhance, as with some wines, the scents, and aromas of high-altitude coffees. For this reason, the mountains are also the cradle of the king of Jamaican coffees, the famous Blue Mountain.

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    Espresso MachineCoffee can be used with espresso machines


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